Partnership with Employers

Looking for more leverage into the Ethiopian Job Market and HRM?

At our best, we search for talent, develop career, place fit staff, and provide career and HR advice. Our unique approach to HRM is second to none. We train candidates with on-the-job leadership and soft skills to fill gaps for continuous staff career development.

Membership Packages

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What's Included


Employment Branding

Sourcing candidates through employment branding from universities, professional associations, social media, networking events, alumni reference

Headhunt and pull managerial staff with business and value driven leadership skills from our Career Café and Career Center

Develop careers of talented candidates on skills gaps, attitude, soft skills, work ethics and reserve on the organizations candidate pool: employment of choice not chance

Guaranteed replacement within 15 days in case of reasonable termination or substitute

Supply of fit candidates (in terms of organizations competency and strategic business goals) that will contribute and value the opportunity.

Create a respectful Win-Win situation between candidates and organizations in exchanging talent with opportunity for a common good.

HR Advisory:

Strategize HRM

HR Audit to align the human resource budget and plan with the business strategy.

Assesses the role and job description to see their accuracy and relevance to immediate manger/ team leader need and companies’ goal in general.

Review job analysis, team building and over all organizational gram to ensure its coherency to deliver best service or product.

Empower the HR manager on Labor law, amendment and collective bargain, performance evaluation and appraisal.

Liaison in Civil Service Ministry, Ethiopian Employers’ Association, Ethiopian Employee and Social Affairs Office and other government and non-government stakeholders in HRM.

Career Advisory:

Role, Value and Contribution in an Organization

Career Advisor on career objective, 3 to 5 years career plan and development of staff.

Advise to understand and play one’s role in a team and organization

Adding value for the organization by harmonizing one’s personal vision with the company’s vision and goals.

Professional ethics, work ethics and organizational culture advises and orientations.

Making staff more valuable and contribute/ benefit more than he/she is benefited.

Supply materials and aids for Personal & Professional Development of the staff.


Retaining Key & Best Talents

Experience sharing on leadership by example and by being a model

Skills and tips on couching, mentoring and building team members capacity

Trainings managing people through personality type and personal goals

Retaining best talents through career motivation and knowledge transfer

Making management decisions relevant to strategic business leadership and companies goal


Competency, Performance, Attitude and Skill Gaps

Train non-managerial staffs on organization competencies

Develop positive attitude towards fair performance evaluation.

Train on attitude/ wrong perceptions/ to develop positive, productive and optimistic attitudes.

Assess and fill non-skill gaps through our career center and web-based training.

Recommended and facilitate trainings by third party to fill technical skill gaps of the staff.


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