Hybrid Designs PLC entered the RIDE hailing market in 2014 with a vision to make transportation in the capital safe, affordable and convenient through technology.

To give you a summery on our business, RIDE is a Taxi hailing and booking service incubated inside the technology company Hybrid Designs PLC, encompassing passenger apps, online booking portals and a call center ready to serve 24/7. It was launched in 2014 with an SMS based taxi-hailing product, gradually evolving through a Research and Development (R&D) to a major transportation accessibility platform tailored to an international standard. We are partners with Ze-Lucy Meter Taxi, a public transportation share company with 18 sub-Taxi Private limited companies, subscribed and owned by 751 drivers. With this figure, our service currently blankets Addis Ababa within 10 minutes of arrival radius. All RIDE drivers are well trained and socially respected operators, who are also shareholders of the parent company, Ze-Lucy Meter Taxi. Our joint mission is to make travelling in the capital city safe, reliable and affordable using up-to-date, proprietary technologies, and latest vehicles that are durable and comfortable.